चौपाल मैराथन 2017
स्वच्छ वातावरण, स्वस्थ जीवनशैली के लिए
'आओ भाजैं सारे'
19 November, 2017

Community Outreach Program

Chaupal's innovative approach is that of a "Clinic on Wheels" that makes quality, affordable health care accessible to villagers.

This program runs weekly health camps that focus on one village at a time.  The Chaupal team contacts the village sarpanch and schedules a camp on a Sunday of the week.  The team of specialists - physician, paediatrician, gynaecologist, social preventive specialist, psychiatrist, orthopaedecian, skin, eye and general surgeon, dental surgeon, optometrist, physiotherapist, psychologist – along with a pharmacist set up the camp in a convenient location easily accessible by villagers. 

They conduct patient exams, and even specialized tests such as ECG, ultrasound, pulmonary function test, and blood test with top-of-the-line portable machines, as well as large-scale eye examinations, and dental checkups.

This is followed by dispensing high quality generic medicines and eyeglasses, free of charge.  Some of the focus areas of the camps include: women's health issues, social issues such as female foeticide, children's physical exams, and illnesses of the elderly.  The patients are then asked to follow-up in subsequent camps or at the Health Center.

The camps also raise awareness about the environment, health and hygiene, nutrition, importance of exercise and physical activity, HIV/AIDS, psychological health, and women's issues.  Specialists also talk about the adverse effects of the commonly observed habit of smoking hukka.  The villagers are then trained on how to continue the effort in their community.