चौपाल मैराथन 2017
स्वच्छ वातावरण, स्वस्थ जीवनशैली के लिए
'आओ भाजैं सारे'
19 November, 2017

Community Health Center

Chaupal opened its first full-service health center in village Banyapur, Haryana on Nov 19, 2008.  The objective was to continue to provide comprehensive care to villagers outside of the weekly health camps.


The center is headed by a specialist in Internal Medicine.  He is supported by a full-time medical officer, dental surgeon, physiotherapist, optometrist, medical specialist, and psychiatrist.  Supporting the day to day operations are paraclincial staff such as pharmacist, dental technician, lab technician, auxillary nurse midwife, multi-purpose workers, and a driver.

The center also houses physiotherapy equipment including laser-therapy, a laboratory with Johnson & Johnson equipment, Sonadyne ultrasound, facility for ECG, eye exams, pulmonary function test, and complete dental care.  It also dispenses world-class generic medicines at a very low, no-profit-basis price.

Similarly lab tests, dental procedures and eye glasses are provided at very nominal charges.  The Center has its own transport van donated by Tata Motors to run a range of health programs.

This program headed by a medical officer has an educator, optometrist, and dental hygienist.  They cover over 52 schools in 30 villages in a radius of 20km with an estimated 15,000 students.  Complete physical, eye, and dental exams are conducted for kids who are also educated about nutrition and healthy habits.  Further care, if needed, is provided at the Health Center.

This program provides ante-natal clinical services, and examination and immunization of expecting mothers.  Vaccinations are also given to infants.  It is managed by the gynaecologist, paeditrician, and auxillary nurse midwife.

The medical officer and educator visit local villages to provide education on nutrition, health, and hygiene.  They raise awareness about prevalent nutritional issues such as iron deficiency in women, adverse effects of smoking hukka, and social issues such as female foeticide.

The Health Center is home to a state of the art physiotherapy set-up.  With the help of latest equipment, treatments such as laser therapy, short wave diathermy, tractions, and basic WAX treatment are provided at a very nominal service charge.

The Health Center also provides complete dental services such as root canal treatment, extraction, prosthodontics and orthodontics.

The most common preventable causes of blindness are refractory errors and cataract.  The Center provides eye examinations and glasses for vision correction.  Patients with cataract are taken to the government hospital in Sonipat district for surgery.

The Center houses state of the art machines to conduct examinations such as ultrasound, ECG, and pulmonary function test.  For example, biochemistry tests are done by Johnson and Johnson machines.