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19 November, 2017

PHOto Gallery - Health Camp at Katwal, Sonipat

13th December, 2015

Chaupal organized its outreach health camp in the village of Katwal,Sonipat on 13th December,2015.A team of 20 doctors from Delhi including Physicians,Orthopedician,Gynaecologist,Ophthalmologist,Dental Surgeon,ENT specialist,Pediatrician visited the village.Nearly 1500 patients were seen free of cost .Generic medicines were given to the patients.500 patients also received eye glasses and 90 patients were given hearing aids ,all free of cost.

Dr. R.S. Tonk,Chairperson Chaupal,addressed the villagers and increased their awareness regarding the increasing pollution in the environment which has caused a rise in health issues esp.asthma.